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We aren't wasting time!

We are so excited for what we are working on with our organization and we aren't wasting time. We can't wait to let the world know what we are doing and how it will impact generations to come.




Quick story... I was sitting in my car at CVS waiting on my son's prescription and I started thinking about being a teen mom and how if I knew a smidgen of what I knew now, would my life been and my childrens life been different or would I have been to young to understand what I had. I started thanking God for seeing me through everything I had been through because at the time when I was going through it, I didn't understand why me? I was a good girl (at least most days lol), I wasn't doing anything different then what my friends were doing,yet I end of pregnant. I was thinking about how I was homeless for 5 1/2 months at the age of 19 with 2 children and no money to even get food. THEN, it came to me, I had been wanting to start a nonprofit for young girls, especially young pregnant and abused mothers for years. So, I decided to do some research and realized that even though it's a lot of tedious work to start a nonprofit, it's not hard. I immediately started thinking about who I wanted to be on my board members and who could help me get things going that would be as passionate as me. Who could I invite to do a presentation to talk about my idea and who would be interested? Who could I have mentor me and help make sure things are done right? I put together a flyer on canva right from my phone and made a list of everyone who I think would be perfect for this organization and why. I also thought what role they would be good and and got to work. I started watching Youtube videos and reading articles about nonprofits and got intrigued, took notes and sent messages to people who knew of knowledge of nonprofits and sent them messages. I reached out to my good friend Laquanda and told her what I was doing and she said I'M IN, what do you need help with and how do I join?




Long story LONG....

So far in one week we have done the following:

  • our website is about 95% done (done by Glamour Tag Consultation Services, LLC)

  • we have filed our Articles of Organization and it was already approved

  • filed our 501(c)3

  • filed Solicitations of Contribution form ]

  • got our main 5 board members

  • found a app that our organization can use to communicate and much more

  • got keys to the new office where we will be running this nonprofit

  • designed our business cards and several t-shirts

  • have several people confirmed to attend the presentation

  • designed the logo

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