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Girls Leave A Mark is a non-profit organization that provides a safe space and empowering environment for teen girls living in challenging situations. Through our GLAMPantry program, girls can purchase essential items for themselves and their families, including baby items, self-care and self-love items, household items, and more using the GLAMBucks they have earned by participating in workshops and community events. GLAMPantry is dedicated to helping teenage girls break the cycle of poverty and to build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

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  • What is the GLAMPantry?
    The GLAMPantry is a space where we have items that you can purchase for your baby, yourself, and your household.
  • What are GLAMBucks?
    GLAMBucks is fake money that you can use to purchase items for your baby, personal hygiene/self care and household items such as washing powder, dish detergent, soap, cleaning supplies and etc. Treat your GLAMBucks like real money because it is your responsibility to keep up with, if your GLAMBucks are lost, IT WILL NOT BE REPLACED.
  • How do I earn GLAMBucks?
    You can earn GLAMBucks by attending virtual and face-to-face workshops and community outreach events.
  • How often can you use your GLAMBucks to shop for items?
    Our goal is to be at the GLAMPantry a few times a month for a certain number of hours each time and we will let all of our GLAMGirls know ahead of time so they can make necessary arrangements to come shop until they drop.
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