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Teen Financial Literacy: Building a Foundation for Financial Success

Aug 8, 2024 - Sep 2, 2024

  • 26Days
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This 4 part one-hour course is designed to provide teenagers with essential knowledge and skills in financial literacy. Through four interactive sections, participants will engage in detailed lectures, discussions, and practical homework assignments. By the end of the course, teens will have a better understanding of key financial concepts and be better equipped to make informed decisions about their finances. P͟o͟t͟e͟n͟t͟i͟a͟l͟ G͟L͟A͟M͟B͟u͟c͟k͟s͟ E͟a͟r͟n͟e͟d͟ 5 joining class 2 turning your camera on and being on camera for the entire class 5 participating in class 3 completing homework

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